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Biff Review on Gothic Comics! = D

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JD Boucher over at Gothic Comics has written up a review of Biff! You can check that out here. -> [ReviewTastic!]

To be honest, I wasn't expecting this. I did an email interview (which I believe is coming later in the week) and there was mention of a spotlight but this... kinda' left me speechless. = )

If you're down for the spookier side of comics like I am, do yourself a favor and hit up Gothic Comics. JD has quite the collection of links and articles on goth-flavored media as well as a bunch of really great comics I only just found out about through that very site!

Drop by and show some love! -> [Gothic Comics]

As for me... I have a computer to fix. My Main system must've felt lonely what with all the attention I've been giving to other folks' machines and decided to blue screen on me as I was about to start the digital part of the this very strip! Gotta' fix it before the next update which I Hope will be Sunday. Really want to get back in the twice-a-week habit again. Feels good, ya' know?

'Till next time! = )


Posted by Prophet - Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 1:35 AM
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