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"Night of the Lepus Pt3"
Sunday, March 11, 2018

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Biff Book Vol.5 is... Go? o.O

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Kinda' sorta'... yeah. o.o

Here's the deal: Having just finished off yet another strip book, I got to thinking about how I haven't worked on Vol.5 since I set up the folder and separated the strips out Way Back when I made Vol.4 (so... about three years ago!) and how I'm about to start on my Tenth strip book. With each Biff Book being effectively the contents of one of these strip books... that's not just a gap, that's me being five books behind. Six if you count the one I'm starting.

I had a think about it, asked my Patrons and I officially started the work on Vol.5 - Werewolf of Willimantic* on Tuesday. The strips in this are from 2012-2013 and A Lot of how I work and what I use has changed.

Case in Point: My main font got a refresh about a year or so ago! = )

I've had Fireworks prompt me about fixing fonts on even relatively new strips ever since I updated my copy of WebLetterer Pro a bit ago. I've since spent the past couple of days on this project fixing word balloons 'cause the font is slightly smaller, more compact (without me having to mess with kerning/leading) and has a face name changed from Bold to Bold Italic. Where - way back when - all I'd be doing is touching up the artwork in places and Maybe fixing the text I am now going through and fixing the text of each strip and making new balloons. I am effectively remaking 47+ strips sans draw time so things will look Awesome. I'm going to go as all in as I can on this to get a product out to folks faster, too.

So... it's going to be a minute before I can post anything new.

I'll try to get some new comic drawing time in so I don't burn out on getting this done but I can't say for certain I'll have a new strip posted anytime soon.

Just a heads up that, if I go dark here, it's because I'm working on some Biff Book goodness. I promise that I'll pop up some pics of the cover once I get to drawing it.

'Till next time! = )


*Title Subject to Change

Posted by Prophet - Friday, March 16, 2018 - 1:10 AM

Progress! = D

Email Me Biff on Twitter -
With this strip, I can happily say that this story bit is done. It also marks a solid end to my current strip book. = )

I'm not going to pretend that I planned it this well but I did hope that it would work out like this, though. I know it's been just short of forever since the last Biff book but the idea behind them is they are just about one strip book's worth of work. That makes it real easy for me as I can bust out a single strip book, match up titles to my Master List, and clean up anything I need all without trying to find what all comes from where. It also keeps the books to a relatively standard number of pages (give or take times I screwed up and started again).

With the next story bit, I get to crack open a new strip book. Which means a new cover page. Which means I should Probably figure out who all I haven't used for a previous one...

Time to reheat my coffee with some very minty hot chocolate and get to working on that.

'Till next time! = )


Posted by Prophet - Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 12:38 AM

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