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"And Wear Fur Coats Pt1"
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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Business Stuff A-Go-Go!

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Getting this out of the way up front: Today (12.13.17), Patreon released a statement saying they were not going to go through with their planned payment policy change on the 18th. As I wrote in a post to my Patrons when this was first announced, I thought the planned change - to add 2.9% + $0.35 onto folks donations - was bullshit and so did many many others. After a good week of backlash and then some, they decided to not go through with that planned change. I'm pretty happy that they're not going to go through with it but their fires are still burning and things are going to take a bit to settle out after this.

You can read their post about their final decisions here: [Link]

Now on to other business! Namely, talking about the current delay. That first item and the uncertainty of them possibly going through with that terrible idea was a Fairly big part of it all. Another part was at least productive in its sidelining. I worked on some backlogged art videos I wanted to make later in the month during a proper Holiday break. Seems talking like a radio announcer into a mic while searching for odd/interesting music to play during time-lapses of me drawing stuff keeps me distracted from the Terrible Things happening to those around me.

Another thing I did was looking into other possible ways for folks to donate on a subscription basis if they feel rightfully burned by Patreon's actions. As you may know, I still have my old Donate button (which I was looking for newer stuff to add to before... This) and I will continue to bug folks about my Shops. I'm also doing some digging into other subscription-style services as I'd rather make it easier for folks to help out that way if they wish to instead of forcing folks into an ecosystem they may not want to be a part of.

That's a lot of things up in the air at the moment. I've got some voiceover to do on one last video but I'm going to put that on hold so I can draw the next strip. Not saying it'll come together fast but I'll get it done and posted as soon as I can.

'Till next time!


Posted by Prophet - Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 12:26 AM

Liquid Television

Email Me Biff on Twitter -
Back in the day (before Cartoon Network was really a Thing), MTV had the strange animation game locked up with stuff like Beavis and Butt-Head, MTV Oddities and Downtown. Shows and cartoon blocks that are remembered fondly by folks old enough to remember them at all.

But... Before all that came Liquid Television. A series dedicated to odd shorts and student films that would end up better known than the show that made them famous. Shows like Aeon Flux and the aforementioned Beavis & Butt-Head started as weird little animated shorts on a prime time cartoon clip show.

A lot of it hasn't been seen in full in a while thanks to various reasons (licensed music and other factors) until now. Turns out the whole thing's up on the Internet Archive! = D

If you want to see some very odd animation and experimental stuff that - to some extent - influenced a number of the weird shows in the decades that followed, you can watch it all here. -> [Cartoon LinkTastic!]

I'm going to spend some time on Mercury farming for fancy armor.

'Till next time! = )


Posted by Prophet - Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 2:16 AM

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- WizardWorld Philly 2016 - 06.02 to 06.05
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- TerrifiCon 2016 - 08.19 to 08.21
~ Possible Attendee ~

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