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A lovely list of links to parts elsewhere - fellow webcomics and otherwise.
Note: Not all comics are "Safe for Work." Please, use your best judgement.

The Webcomic List

Finished & Infrequently Updated Strips

Items o' Interest

These are the sites I think work well with the comic. Wiki-entries, comic resources, other artists' sites...
these are my picks for interesting links.

Webcomic Publishing Sites
- Comic Genesis - The Duck Webcomics - KeenSpot - Smack Jeeves -

Comic Book/Webcomic Resources

BlamBot: Excellent fonts for all your typing needs
comiXology: The go-to resource for your digital comic needs. You can research and build pull list. You can even buy digital copies of comics from major publishers and indies alike and read them through their comiXology 'Comics' app or right online.
Comic Rocket: Comic Rocket is a great resource for finding and following webcomics online. They even have an app to allow you to keep up on your favorite comics on the go. Kurtz said it best: "We want to be a virtual water-cooler for anyone making an entrepreneurial effort with their artwork." The site has an open submission policy and welcomes stories/articles/how-tos... anything that can help make folks better artists or entrepreneurs.
The Webcast Beacon: A podcast network featuring shows about the inner workings of webcomics and so much more. With Fes and the crew, the Webcast Beacon's shows continue to make for some good listening.


ConnectiCon: A massive convention in Hartford, CT covering all the essentials - Anime, Games and Comics.
WizardWorld: Run by the folks of Wizard Entertainment (Wizard Mag, ToyFare). They hold mid- to large conventions all across the country.

Miscelleneous Cool Stuff

The Supernatural Section @ How stuff works: Many a crazy article on various supernatural subjects including How Vampires Work by Tom Harris.
The SciFi/Horror Section @ Public Domain horror and sci fi movies. They have everything from Romero's legendary Night of the Living Dead to The Brain that Wouldn't Die and the classic Vincent Price version of House of Haunted Hill and many more from the Internet Archive.
The Ephemera Section @ Another source of endless enjoyment as well as the inspiration for some Biff related materials. They have old military movies and educational films to movie reels and Drive-In movie ads all at the Internet Archive.

Want to link back to me? Want something more interesting than your basic text link? Use these and go nuts.
Just remember to "Save as..." first!

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